About Me

Growing up in an environment completely friendly to the arts is a unique experience! I used to draw and paint so much all the time as a little girl, that everyone thought that I would become a visual artist.

Music turned out a major talent, and I had the opportunity to study grammar and how to read music from 11 to 14 years old, as well as learning the basics of classical piano.

But my real talent was the violin, which I really didn’t have the chance to study until turning 17 years old; I started playing The Suzuki No 1 book, and four years later I had gained the level to be able to play Bach’s violin Sonatas and Partitas.

I went to Manchester (UK) and got a diploma in Audio Engineering Techniques and Technology, at Spirit Studios (former School of Sound Recording), which granted me the possibility to create my own music, and audio products such as audio books, podcasts, audio for video games, film, TV, and live events.

I created www.audioproductcreators.com with the purpose of showing musicians, composers, podcasters, sound designers, and writers how to become successful, managing reasonable budgets, and getting the highest earnings from each sale they make.