Can you Buy a Single Book on Audible?

Audible has proved to be the number one website to access great quality audiobooks at very competitive prices.

Once a new user has created an Audible account, it’s possible to buy a single book on Audible in three ways: use the included monthly credit to buy an audiobook of any price, buy the desired title at a member discount price, or buy it at full price when the subscription is canceled.

In this article you will know the most common questions that a new user may find when entering the audiobook world:

  • Do you have to buy each single book on Audible?
  • Can you listen to more than one book a month on Audible?
  • Can you listen to your Audible books after canceling?
  • How many devices can I listen to Audible on?
  • Is Audible worth the money?
  • What is the cheapest way to listen to audiobooks?
  • How do you pay for an audiobook?
  • Is there a cheaper alternative to Audible?

Do you Have to Buy Each Single Book on Audible?

Any of the types of subscription on Audible offer the user a wide range of audiobooks that can be listened to online or downloaded without having to pay for each individual title (the Audible Plus catalog.

Thus a user can have permanent access to unlimited titles just for the price of the monthly subscription. Only unused credits are lost after keeping the account canceled for 12 months.

Can you Listen to More than One Book a Month on Audible?

It’s perfectly possible for any user to listen online or download as many books as wanted on Audible. There is no restriction to the number of books that can be listened to, even from multiple devices through the same account.

A single account can be used by all the members of a family, between friends, colleagues, or groups of people. This feature is an excellent way to encourage audiobook lovers to access great quality works legally.

In a previous article, I talked about how to listen to an Audible book with the app. If for any reason you don’t want to use the app, you can convert an Audible book AAX file into an MP3 or any other format to play the book with the Audible app. 

From my point of view, converting the original AAX files ends up being not necessary after you read the answer to the following question.

Can you Listen to Your Audible Books After Canceling?

Audible continues providing access to all the books the user has purchased and downloaded even when the subscription is canceled. All the functions in the app remain fully active and the user can continue listening to his/her personal library without paying a monthly subscription.

How Many Devices Can I Listen to Audible on?

Audible states that the number of devices that can get access to their titles through one single account can be unlimited.

There are mainly six types of devices that can play audiobooks from Audible or any other audiobook retailer: Computers, e-readers, tablets, smartphones, MP3 players, and car audio systems. Read more in What devices can play audiobooks?

This feature is a final blow to the illegal download and distribution of copyrighted works, and at the same time encourages creators to continue sharing great stories with all kinds of audiences.

Is Audible Worth the Money?

The lowest price for subscription-based websites is offered by Audible Plus Premium (2 credits) where each credit allows you to buy a best seller book. Thus a $20 audiobook would cost only $11.48. Although prices can change during the same year, Audible is still the best choice.

To be able to determine if titles purchased on Audible are worth the money, let’s take as an example “Greenlights” by the actor Matthew McConaughey, to determine which of the top  websites in 2020 to buy audiobooks offers the best price:

“Greenlights” | Length: 6hrs 42 min | Unabridged (full version)

This image shows the price comparison between audiobooks from Audible,, Google Audiobooks and Kobo.

According to the information above

Lowest price for non-subscribersGoogle Audiobooks (Google Play)$14.95
Lowest price for subscribersAudible Plus Premium (2 credits)$11.48
Second lowest price subscribersKobo$12.99
This table shows the cheapest options to listen to audiobooks for subscribers and non-subscribers on the top audiobook websites

What is the Cheapest Way to Listen to Audiobooks?

The cheapest way to listen to professional quality audiobooks is to use the free credit(s) on the trial period and download all the titles wanted by the user from the catalog or collections that don’t require individual purchase. The apps offered by each of the top 4 audiobook websites keep all their functionality when a subscription remains canceled. 

Free audiobook websites tend to host audiobooks narrated by volunteers. Therefore, the change in professional quality narration and recording specifications (volume, external unwanted noises, reverb or echoes) can be noticed immediately.

How do You Pay for an Audiobook?

The most popular method to pay for an audiobook on any of the top audiobook websites is by credit card. When you are a frequent subscriber, Audible,, and Kobo include 1 monthly free credit which can be used to purchase one title at any price during the same month. 

Is There a Cheaper Alternative to Audible?

For frequent audiobook and ebook readers, Audible has the most complete range of best-sellers. Hundreds of great titles from very recent years are now in the Audio Plus catalog. That makes Audible the cheapest alternative for users that listen to two or more titles per month.

Scroll up on this article and see all the details of the four most popular websites to buy audiobooks on “Is Audible worth the money?”. It shows the two cheapest alternatives for non-subscribers and subscription services.  

Scrib can offer a good deal of ebooks and audiobooks with no purchase. The subscription services include unlimited listening and downloading every month for $8.99.

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